Concurrent enrollment students have the opportunity to graduate high school with industry-recognized certification.

General Education Certificate

General Education is the component of the undergraduate curriculum devoted to exposing students to multiple areas of knowledge, methods of inquiry, and ideas that the University and scholarly community believe are common to well-educated persons. Totally 31 credits, the General Education Certificate gives a student the opportunity to complete all of their required generals while still in high school.

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Explore biology, computer programming, chemistry, and develop general lab skills while earning credits toward both the certificate and potential associate and baccalaureate degrees.

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Computing Fundamentals

Explore an introduction to tech that while earning credits that can be applied to multiple associate and baccalaureate degrees.

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Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and how to use the Design Process to create cool posters, logos, products and so much more.

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Emergency Medical Services

Learn roles and responsibilities of EMTs, anatomy and physiology, medical emergencies, trauma, special considerations for working in the prehospital setting, and providing patient transportation.

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Create original business ideas in response to perceived customer problems, create novel approaches to entrepreneurial opportunities, and design profitable business models.

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Information Technology

Take courses that are directly applicable to the Information Technology degree, includes Linux, networking, hardware, and the basic skills to get a foot in the door for entry-level IT positions.

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Nurse Assistance (CNA)

Train to work in long term care facilities, home health care, hospital settings, and to continue in nursing education.

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Photography/Digital Imaging

Learn the techniques and skills to start your journey in the world of photography.

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Education Centers

Chris Gifford

Hurricane & Kanab Center Director

Email: cgifford@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-7912

Hurricane Education Center

Email: Hurricanetesting@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-7910
Office: 112 S 700 W Hurricane, UT 84737

Kanab Center

Phone: 435-644-5821 ext409
Office: 59 E Cowboy Way (West of Main Enterance to High School)

Sarah Strickley

Administrative Assistant Hurricane Education Center

Email: sarah.strickley@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-7910

Katie Orton

Administrative Assistant Kanab Center

Email: korton@kane.k12.ut.us
Phone: 435-689-0002


Concurrent Enrollment Office

North Plaza (NPLZ)

Phone: 435-652-7739

Office: 46 S 1000 E St. George UT, 84770 (old Harmon's just south of Swig)

Sheila Cannon

Administrative Specialist

Email: Sheila.Cannon@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7739

Office: North Plaza 141E

Emma Lunceford

CE Coordinator

Email: emma.lunceford@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-879-4251

Office: North Plaza 146

Kevin Simmons

Director, Concurrent Enrollment

Email: Kevin.Simmons@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7671

Fax: 435-632-2226

Office: North Plaza 143