Enrollment Process

First apply for admission to DSU. When participating in the Concurrent Enrollment program, you are attending as a DSU student. This is only completed one time. Your DixieID and your DSU account are is permanent and only issued once. You will need your SSN to fill in the application so be sure you have it with you before you begin the application.

Next, register for courses. You will need to register for courses each semester. Remember that PowerSchool and your MyDixie accounts are separate from each other. You will need to complete registration at DSU separately through the Concurrent Enrollment office. These courses may be on your own high school campus, at Dixie State University, or at the DSU Hurricane Education Center. Make sure you pay your partial tuition. It is only $5 per credit hour! In order for students to be successful in concurrent enrollment, class attendance and participation, completion of assignments, successfully passing quizzes and tests and adhering to deadlines are all required.

At the end of fall and spring semester, you’ll receive your grades on a Dixie State University transcript which is official and permanent. The grade will affect the Grade Point Average (GPA) for future scholastic progress including financial aid funding and the ability to receive a scholarship. These grades are also sent to your high school to be posted on your high school transcript.